Medicine of ideologist of Taoism of the Southern Dynasties learns view of domest

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Contented great scene (452 or 456, 536) word brightly lit, from date Hua Yang lives in seclusion, true leisure of late date Hua Yang, Hua Yang's true person. Ideologist of Taoism of period of neat, bridge, medicine learns the Southern Dynasties. Hill of red in relief hay (today Nanjing) person. For all king serve is read when Qi Gaodi, do obeisance to the general in Zun Weidian. Qi Yongming 10 years (492) , abdication lives in seclusion a Qu Shan (today sentence allow Mao Shan) , later, fierce emperor does not invite bridge cordially to go out. Every have Dan Chaoting important matter of go on a punitive expedition, always seek advice to him, have " the prime minister in feudal China in hill " say. White gentleman of soldier Shi chastity. Contented great scene will consider glad ' " authentic work " new order of arrangement is added adorn, write " Zhen Gao " 20, be by eye Taoism is classical. His pursuit is immortal not old, via practice of long-term make pills of immortality, master a few mineral the character with medicaments, discover mercury has aureate with silver-gilt action, know sylvite and sodium salt differentiate a method. He makes up " Dao Jian records Gu Jin " it is the important document that metallic smelt makes record at that time. On medicine, he is supplementary of Ge Hong of the Eastern Jin dynasty " the soldier after ancon is saved square " , make up write " after ancon 101 " . He compiles " focus of classics of a book on Chinese medicine " 7, write down medicaments 730 kinds, initiate presses the new method of medicaments nature attribute and remedial attribute classification, become the standard means that our country medicaments classifies, continue to use 1, 000 one's remaining years. Other composing much comfort.

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