Wang Dao of politician of the Eastern Jin dynasty

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Wang Dao (276- - 339) Word Mao Hong. Politician of the Eastern Jin dynasty. Lang Ya Linyi (today Shandong Linyi north) person. With Lang Ya Wang Si Ma Rui interacts closer, si Marui gives the Pi below the town, wang Dao is Anton minister, day of political power of the Western Jin Dynasty declines, wang Dao persuades Si Marui to move the town is built health, to in an attempt to calls the Supreme Being great undertaking. To build health hind, wang Dao relies on boreal necromancer a group of things with common features, unitive Changjiang Delta person a group of things with common features, assist Si Marui to build the political power with left river of be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country. After the Eastern Jin dynasty establishs a country, wang Dao holds the post of wine of hold a memorial ceremony for of Zi of prime minister army, do obeisance to thing of Zhu Jun of Changjiang Delta of feudal provincial or prefectural governor of right general, Yangzhou, inspect to wait. Its are from honest of elder brother king imperatorial, administer military leadership, presidential 6 cities, reason has “ king and horse, in all of the world ” say. The Eastern Jin dynasty of Wang Dao all previous yuan, bright, it is into 3 emperor slaughter complementary, for politics use “ garrison post with static, feelings of the masses brings the policy of ” oneself, in order to maintain the stable situation of the Eastern Jin dynasty, strive is used make person a group of things with common features between, person a group of things with common features with of the royal blood between the policy of mutual balance, will stabilize political power of the Eastern Jin dynasty. A day, south change person a group of things with common features the Xinting that is by the side of the Yangtse River meets, face the unforeseen event of Central Plains fall, minister week the page give out “ scenery not different, look has the groan of different ” of Jiang He, everybody also sobs accordingly, wang Dao says in a stern voice: "When in all join hands royal family, recapture China, he Zhi makes Hunan convict opposite sob evil! "Popular feeling only then calm, this is opposite for famous “ Xin Ting sob ” . He ever created act government office in hill of act government office, advocate economical, the storehouse does not have Chu Gu, the garment does not weigh silk. Ever showed Niu Shoushan is Tian Que, make Jin Yuandi abandons be in capital south the plan that Men Lishuang faults. After Wang Dao dies, hill of bury act government office with on the west.

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