Ge Hong of home of art of egghead of Taoism of the Eastern Jin dynasty, make pil

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Ge Hong (284-364) Word childish plain, date holds Piao Zi in the arms. Home of art of egghead of Taoism of the Eastern Jin dynasty, make pills of immortality, medicine learns the home. Dan Yangjun sentence look (today Jiangsu sentence look) person. The teenager is academic, domestic deficient, sell bavin in order to change paper pen. Often search a book to ask justice, rugged of a thousand li of not far number risks experience, period at musting. His dabble classics, history, composing of a hunderd schools, then with Confucianism learn celebrated. Not to be pooh-poohed makes friends, good immortal guides raised standard. Learn from Zheng Yin first, all gets art of make pills of immortality, hind go to school at Nanhai viceregal Bao Xuan, hold <> concurrently learn medical skill, long Ju Jiankang. Become and first, si Tuwang guides call together is a city advocate book, turn department apprentice Yuan, preferment Zi is discussed join the army wait for duty. Old age, hear hand in foot to produce cinnabar, the requirement arrives a leakage make when the county, arrive at Guangzhou, carry child brother's son goes ascetic make pills of immortality is engaged in Luo Fu hill write. Path of be linked together of his put together, Confucianism thought, lifetime work is very much, poem of Lei having tablet endows with 100, move chapter of a call to arms expresses 30, different of ease of official of immortal, fine, concealed, collect pass each 10, copy the five classics again, history, Chinese, 3lO of sundry of the character of a hunderd schools, square ability coils, 1 00 of golden deficient prescription coils, " want after ancon urgent square " 4. The famousest have " hold Piao Zi in the arms " , outside piece 50, chang Sai considers the program that holds to the Confucianist, since objecting Wei Jin idle talk of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties; Inside piece 20, it is a works of complete art of make pills of immortality, thought of perforative Taoist school, among them " Jin Dan piece " and " Huang Bai piece " account the case that uses bullion of medicine of mineral make pills of immortality, refine, " celestial being medicine piece " main account the condition that treats 100 disease with the plant, it is relatively primitive materia medica. " golden deficient is formulary " roll Tie Hao is numerous, to carry, apply convenient, pick in taking a book main and economic part, make up for " the soldier after ancon is saved square " 3, classics later generations is supplementary, enlarge is 8, say " ancon is mothball urgent square " . The place in the book receives prescription, choose cheap of easy, effective, price mostly, use handy the remedial method of easy travel.

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