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Head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants

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In the local dish of rich and colorful, hunan dish develops the history longly with its, distinctive, thick local characteristic drink praise China and foreign countries.

The characteristic of Hunan dish, depend on making careful, with expect extensive, oily heavy quality is great, pay attention to taste, exquisite nutrition, in savour on pay attention to sweet delicacy, acid hot, soft tender; The tasty of raw material is paid attention to on the operation, advocate flavour is outstanding, what pay attention to dish appearance on the vision is beautiful, make color, sweet, flavour, form, implement dissolve is an organic whole; Go up in cook method in order to fry, cook over a slow fire, dried meat, evaporate, stew, smooth be good at.
Handgrip hand teachs you to make Hunan food:

Head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants


Head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants

The practice of chop chili:

The red pointed any of several hot spice plants that takes fleshy a certain number of, abluent (attention, ) of the base of a fruit does not go when washing, airing goes water after 2 days, the chop that use a knife must break broken, put salt next, exert all one's strength the ground puts salt, the chili salt and chop blends divide evenly, (Here still has a skill, if be made the quantity is not too much, and individual taste is not too heavy sentence, the proposal need not be put too all) reopen of above of the half moon in sealing altar next is sealed.

Practice of head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants:

Raw material: Ursine fish head (also call fat fish the head)

Flavoring: Chop any of several hot spice plants, ginger, shallot, gourmet powder, edible is oily

Course of action:

1, ginger cuts into shreds, if want lazy, section also justifiable.

2, shallot is abluent paragraphs those who cut two minutes to grow is small.

3, processing of Xiong Yu head, will abluent enter big plate (the dish) that notices to look for a bit deep a bit.

4, silk of a few ginger or Jiang Pian are spread on piscine head.

5, shop of any of several hot spice plants of chop of Kuai Siwu spoon is on piscine head, the quantity of chop any of several hot spice plants decides according to the weight of individual taste, of not salty put less some, of salty put more bit. Anyway I am not to like to put too much. If dislike dry word, one cannikin cold water can be added in dish.

6, asperse Qing Dynasty of a few flavour, drip to count drop edible oil next.

7, put a pot for steaming food, ignition, evaporate ten minutes.

8, have pot, asperse on a few green green small sweet green.

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