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Sweet crisp cutlet has department

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Material: Thin pig cutlet 12 (about 240 grams) , manage since 12 (thick 5 centimeters) , ham piece 2, flour a few, egg 1, biscuit pink a few, ketchup juice, salad oil is right amount.

Practice: 1. Spread horizontal stroke of cutlet of 3 thin pigs in last on film, one is built to last again above film, the bottom that uses cup or bowl next beats cutlet, make the thickness of cutlet is spent agree and become a big collop, other cutlet depends on same method 3 one group tries to arrange;

2. Take lower to last film, asperse on cutlet next on salt, pepper and flour, department, ham has on the intermediate shop of cutlet piece;

3. Take 3 chip pork additionally, had arranged likewise asperse on the shop after salt, pepper and flour is since former some department and ham piece on, fold orderly four square;

4. the cutlet of all directions form that has done, ordinal dip in above oily boiler blast falls after pink of pink, egg fluid, biscuit, become namely to golden color with blast of medium baking temperature.

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