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Fruit makings multi-layer steamed bread

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Raw material: Flour, bright grandma, ferment face (old range) , alkaline, preserved fruit, currant, candy, peanut oil.

The method that make: 1. Add flour Qing Dynasty of barmy face, bright grandma, egg, add Wen Shui to knead dough, ferment ten minutes, rejoin is right amount alkaline knead divide evenly, clutch reserves into the area base of 100 grams size;

2. Fruit makings cuts the man of currant size, mix together with currant divide evenly;

3. Become area base roll the face skin of hemicycle, brush on oily, scatter go up to expect if really, tuck up again roll leaves, tuck up both ends again, roll becomes square, light is faced on, become multi-layer steamed bread namely;

4. Wake the multi-layer steamed bread that has made a few minutes, place drawer inside, flourishing fire evaporate is become 20 minutes namely.

Clew: Fruit makings can choose according to his taste. Characteristic: Whiteness of colour and lustre is shining, expect smell is especially sweet if really.

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