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Vitreous star

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The appearance of carambola becomes 5 horn lozenge, transversely resembles star, also have the another name of astral form fruit, often use those who make the adornment of cake and cooked food to place so dish. Teach groups big to make desert of a the daily life of a family in the home today -- candied floss Yang Tao, delicious saying, make a person most of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind is it that lovely star form, wrap up is worn candied floss clear thick liquid, look below sunshine glittering and translucent all the more fully, had the name with an Orphean figure to it so, cry " vitreous star " .

Material: Carambola 2, initiative pink (or flour) 1 cup, candy gum of 5 spoon, candy (or maltose) 2 spoon


Carambola is abluent go good side mop is dry, cut thick piece.

3 / are joined in initiative pink 4 cups of water mix clear thick liquid, carambola piece is put be stained with clear thick liquid.

Use hot deepfry to golden crisp, scoop drop oil to reserve.

With a few oil half cups of gum of slow firebrand candy, candy, water is boiled to thick stiff remove glue approximately, flameout.

Put the carambola quick worker with fragile blast to mix divide evenly can.

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