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Suckle soup of fish of white crucian carp

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Raw material

Crucian carp fish, ginger 3, garlic 1 (pat broken) , shallot (mincing) , essence of oily, salt, chicken.


1, oil is put in boiler, after burning heat, push with the shovel, the fish that put crucian carp summary decoct!

2, after decoct becomes angry to cruelly oppress, arrive 1 bowl of water of half! The bowl is the bowl of your Cheng Yushang. Put ginger and garlic.

3, the lid that build boiler, medium baking temperature changes to stew 20 minutes after conflagration boil. Soup is become white. If you have enough time, put 2 bowls of water, fire of the make down after conflagration boil stews 2 hours, dou Rong of that accession cruelly oppress arrives in soup, more beautiful!

4, transfer into right amount salt and gallinaceous essence, stewing 2 minutes to be able to have pot. Scatter finally on chopped green onion. Bright!

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