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French acid is sweet asparagus lettuce

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[raw material]

Tender asparagus lettuce 500 grams, bright tomato 2, garlic sprouts 25 grams, lemon juice (or Xian Chen juice) 75 grams, saccharic 30 grams, cool boiled water 50 milliliter. Refined salt a few.
[the process that make]

1, asparagus lettuce goes leaf, husk, go, boiled water float is used after cutting man; Bright tomato flay, stripping and slicing; Garlic sprouts cuts end.

2, lemon juice, will saccharic, cool boiled water, refined salt puts divide evenly of the agitate inside big china bowl, mix up taste, put asparagus lettuce man, tomato again piece, garlic sprouts end mixes divide evenly, enter freezer store, along with eat along with take.

[characteristic] color is beautiful, sweet acid is fragile tender, faint scent tastily (especially summer) .

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