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The flesh places steamed bun

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1. Open yeast with lukewarm to hydrate, fall into flour, with hand and the dough that become soft hard moderate. The cloth on the lid, wake 40- - 50 minutes. Wait for dough to expand completely.

2. Next: Cut 6 every are kneaded again, squash, roll circle, into such.

3. Burn heat first, do not put oil. Put in cake cake, tie 9 small holes with toothpick. Two sides is plunged into. The boiler on the lid is built, the attention is not sear, a few minutes search an area. Can have smelled fragrance.

4. Face cake still can expand a bit, loose very good-looking, very delicious of course.

5. I look very sweet in the flesh that make stew in soy sauce! !

Make bittern pork actually quite simple, what to put along with you, should feel to put these stuff only delicious go, I did not put how many stuff, using high-pressured boiler is the most appropriate. Tasty, quite sodden do not fill in tooth ~ !

A choosing flesh is very important. The word of according to individual taste character also cannot too much fat.

B cuts small. Add anise pink, a cassia bark. Unripe smoke (much dot is not afraid of) , a few white sugar and salt.

C adds water to cross the flesh.

After the gas on D boiler small fire stew 25 minutes.

Water is like to show after opening a lid much but open lid is boiled in conflagration, boil Shang Nong with respect to OK.

Still have a kind of way: Watermelon skin stew in soy sauce?

Material: Watermelon skin, steaky pork, anise, soy.


A. Steaky pork is abluent stripping and slicing, the flay after watermelon cuts paragraphs small (red meat part can stay more a few) stand-by;

B. Put watermelon skin, steaky pork into boiler, add right amount water, anise, soy, stew 30~40 with medium baking temperature minute, become namely.

6. Use the meat that has stewed next the knife is mincing, irrigate go up some of bittern broth

7. Dissection with the knife among good decoct steamed bread, do not cut after all, leave a bit edge to be being connected

8. Begin to place the meat: Put fleshy foam into among, good. . .

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