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Heart of pig of cold and dressed with sause

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Raw material

Material: Pig heart 1, ginger 2, green medicinal material of a few of 2 root, caraway: The tuber of elevated gastrodia 30 grams, wild jujube benevolence 10 grams, the seed of Oriental arborvitae 10 grams, angelica 5 grams.

Flavoring: Cooking wine a few, salt a few, balm 1 big spoon.


1, water is added inside boiler right amount, rejoin pig heart, ginger, green, salt, cooking wine, medicinal material, stew boil 1 hour.

2, pig heart is taken out after along with Shang Zhifang is cold, slice, will stew has boiled medicine juice and balm to drench again on can, can match when edible caraway.


The help enters Mian, eliminate exhaustion. Pig heart can benefit painstaking effort, raise a heart to calm the nerves, have the effect that reachs strong heart undisturbedly; Sex of the seed of Oriental arborvitae pleasant of smooth, flavour, have the effect of the wirh fixed attention that raise a heart; Sex of the tuber of elevated gastrodia pleasant of smooth, flavour, have the effect that calms the nerves undisturbedly; Gan Wei of lukewarm, flavour suffers from angelica sex, enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood,

With the note

Diarrhoea person or defecate is very rare person careful feed; Take Zhou Shu or day number / every week 3

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